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100+ FL Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

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If you use FL Studio to record, edit, and produce music, you should use these keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

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FL Studio is one of the most popular music production tools, used by professionals and amateurs alike to record, edit, and produce tunes.

However, like other popular digital audio workstations, producing music on FL Studio also involves many steps and can quickly become complicated. Thankfully, there are hundreds of FL Studio keyboard shortcuts to help you make the most of the powerful software.

In this article, we’ve put together all the important FL Studio keyboard shortcuts you need to make your life easier, for both Windows and Mac.

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FL Studio Windows and Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu
Ctrl + O Cmd + O Open file
Ctrl + S Cmd + S Save file
Ctrl + N Cmd + N Save new version
Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Shift + S Save as
Ctrl + Shift + M Cmd + Shift + M Export MIDI file
Ctrl + Shift + R Cmd + Shift + R Export MP3 file
Ctrl + R Cmd + R Export WAV file
Ctrl + Shift + H Cmd + Shift + H Rearrange windows
Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z Undo/redo last edit
Ctrl + Alt + Z Cmd + Option + Z Undo step-by-step
Window Navigation
F1 F1 Help
F5 F5 Toggle playlist
F6 F6 Toggle step sequencer
F7 F7 Toggle piano roll
F8 F8 Open plugin picker
F9 F9 Hide/show mixer
F10 F10 Hide/show MIDI settings
F11 F11 Hide/show song information window
F12 F12 Close all windows
Alt + F8 Option + F8 Hide/show sample browser
Enter Enter Toggle min/max playlist
Esc Esc Close window
Tab Tab Cycle nested windows
Ctrl + Shift + H Cmd + Shift + H Arrange windows
Pattern Selector
Previous pattern
+ + Next pattern
Ctrl + F4 Cmd + F4 Next empty pattern
F4 F4 Next empty pattern with naming dialog
Piano Roll Action
Ctrl + U Cmd + U Quick chop
Ctrl + Q Cmd + Q Quick quantize
Ctrl + M Cmd + M Import MIDI file
Ctrl + L Cmd + L Quick legato
Ctrl + D Cmd + D Deselect selection
Ctrl + C Cmd + C Copy selection
Ctr l+ Alt + G Cmd + Option + G Grid color
Ctrl + Left click Cmd + Left click Select
Ctrl + Shift + Left click Cmd + Shift + Left click Add to selection
Alt + R Option + R Open randomize tool
Alt + Q Option + Q Quantize
Alt + O Option + O Open LFO tool when in lower event editor area
Alt + M Option + M Mute selection
Alt + L Option + L Open articulate tool
Alt + K Option + K Open limit tool
Alt + G Option + G Ungroup selected notes
Alt + F Option + F Flam
Alt + E Option + E Riff machine
Alt + B Option + B View note helpers
Alt + A Option + A Arpeggiator
Alt + Shift + M Option + Shift + M Unmute selection
Right-Alt + Right click Right Option + Right click Quantize selected
Shift + Q Shift + Q Quick quantize
Shift + N Shift + N Turn off selected chord
Shift + I Shift + I Invert selection
Shift + G Shift + G Group selected
Shift + C Shift + C Select by color
Shift + Ctrl + V Shift + Cmd + V Paste from MIDI clipboard
Left-Shift + Right click Left Shift + Right click Pan view
Double left click on note Double left click on note Open note properties
Page up / Page down Page up / Page down Zoom in/out
Draw tool + Shift Draw tool + Shift Extend note length
Channel Rack and Step Sequencer
Up arrow Up arrow Select next channel above
Down arrow Down arrow Select next channel below
Page up Page Up Select next channel group
Page down Page Down Select previous channel group
Alt + Del Option + Del Delete selected channels
Alt + Up arrow Option + Up arrow Move selected channels up
Alt + Down arrow Option + Down arrow Move selected channels down
Alt + Z Option + Z Zip selected channels
Alt + U Option + U Unzip selected channels
Alt + G Option + G Group selected channels
Alt + C Option + C Clone selected channels
Alt + M Option + M Toggle mixer track selectors
Ctrl + Alt + R Cmd + Option + R Force-restretch all audio clip channels
Ctrl + Enter Cmd + Enter Focus playlist
Ctrl + C Cmd + C Copy channel steps/score
Shift + Mouse wheel Shift + Mouse wheel Move selected channel up/down
Shift + Up arrow Shift + Up arrow Move channel selection up
Shift + Down arrow Shift + Down arrow Move channel selection down
Shift + Ctrl + Left arrow Shift + Cmd + Left arrow Shift steps left
Shift + Ctrl + Right arrow Shift + Cmd + Right arrow Shift steps right
Record, Playback, and Transport
Space Space Start/stop playback
Ctrl + Space Cmd + Space Start/pause playback
Backspace Backspace Toggle line/none snap
L L Switch pattern/song mode
R R Switch on/off recording (including during playback)
Ctrl + T Cmd + T Toggle typing keypad to piano keypad
Ctrl + M Cmd + M Toggle metronome
Ctrl + P Cmd + P Toggle recording metronome precount
Ctrl + I Cmd + I Toggle wait for input to start recording
Ctrl + B Cmd + B Toggle blend notes
Ctrl + E Cmd + E Toggle step edit mode
Ctrl + H Cmd + H Stop sound
F2 F2 Rename selected mixer track
Shift + Mouse wheel Shift + Mouse wheel Move selected mixer tracks left/right
Ctrl + Shift + Left click Cmd + Shift + Left-click Select multiple mixer tracks
Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Shift + S Save mixer track state
Ctrl + L Cmd + L Link selected channels to selected mixer track
Shift + Ctrl + L Shift + Cmd + L Link selected channels beginning from selected mixer track
Alt + Left arrow / Right arrow Option + Left arrow / Right arrow Move selected mixer tracks left/right
Alt + L Option + L Select the channels linked to the selected mixer track
Alt + W Option + W Toggle peak-meter ‘wave’ view
S S Solo current track
Alt + R Option + R Render armed tracks to WAV
Playlist Action
Z Z Zoom tool
Y Y Playback tool
T T Mute tool
S S Slip edit tool
P P Draw tool (pencil)
E E Select tool
D D Delete tool
C C Slice tool
B B Paint tool
Alt + T Option + T Add time marker
Alt + P Option + P Open the picker panel
Alt + M Option + M Mute selection
Alt + G Option + G Ungroup selection
Alt Option Bypass snap (can be combined with other modifiers)


Improve Your Music Production Workflow With FL Studio

Whether you’re using a Windows or a Mac to create or record your music on FL Studio, these keyboard shortcuts can be a lifesaver, especially if your mouse malfunctions in the middle of a production. Don’t let a fiddly interface get in the way of your creativity; master these FL Studio keyboard shortcuts for your most repetitive tasks.

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