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The best white dress shirts for laying the groundwork for any formal outfit

by News Times USA

A fresh white dress shirt, like the white T-shirt before it, is one of those wardrobe essentials that you could always replace. White dress shirts are pretty much the uniform to every imaginable event in the game of life, from your first day on the work to your last day on the job, your graduation to your wedding day. A decent one, two, or 10 to a man’s wardrobe, like a well-fitting suit and freshly polished shoes, will differentiate the red-carpet heroes from the workaday city commuters.

When it comes down to it, there are only a few guidelines that the perfect white dress shirt must follow. The collar, unlike an Oxford shirt, should be strong and tall to stand out over the lapels of your suit jacket. Then there’s the matter of fit: unlike the summer-friendly fad of billowing, oversized men’s shirts, decent white dress shirts will be slim-fitting enough to tuck without inflating, but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable for work.

If you nail those, the rest is a matter of personal choice. Is a bib required or not? Is it 100% cotton or something with a little stretch put into the fabric? Fortunately, our assortment includes no unironed white dress shirts. Shop’s top picks below…



When it comes to attaining that classic Saville Row look without breaking the bank, Reiss is about the best option. This Frontier shirt is made of silky cotton and treated to look like the most opulent satins. This thin shirt doesn’t just look the part; with a generous dose of elasticity, it won’t limit your movement, allowing you to handle commutes and wedding dance floors equally in impeccable, comfortable style.



Kingsman x Turnbull  Asser

You wouldn’t be the first to ask where the next-level, pretty amazing tailoring featured in the Kingsman movie came from. In reality, all of the shirts you see on-screen are the creation of Turnball & Asser, a prestigious Royal Warrant holder (who else?). This item from the duo’s collaboration has a classic Oxford style and is distinguished by its dazzling white tone and luxurious pure cotton construction.



Hawes  Curtis

With over 100 years of expertly made leather experience under its belt, Hawes & Curtis creates thoughtful designs with an emphasis on quality and authenticity. With its sleek, slick style and suit-friendly shape, this stylish dress shirt in a relaxed thin fit keeps contemporary without departing from tradition.




“Exceptional quality with radical transparency,” is the rallying cry of ethical label Everlane, which aims to redefine the retail world with timeless designs that last. This dress shirt, in a narrow cut and dazzling white tint, has been designed for optimum adaptability, which means it will look just as good with a late evening pint-in-hand as it will look weary-eyed at your work the next morning.



Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s take on the dress shirt is ready to deliver a much-needed breath of fresh air for those who are dreading the often-sweaty summer spent in formalwear. This dress shirt, made of a lightweight and breathable linen-voile, is great for warm-weather formal appearances, making summer weddings and hot business days a breeze.



Theory, a minimalist brand with a distinct Scandinavian look, offers a tempting selection of casually stylish and perfectly fitted items created from premium materials. For example, this structured Sylvain dress shirt is a traditional wardrobe staple that assures style and durability.

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