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Cramer’s lightning round: Hertz is worth buying

by News Times USA

Cedar Fair LP: “I like that one very much, you stay there [and don’t sell] … I think the stock goes much higher.”

Ciena Corp: “I don’t really care for CIEN, because I’ve got Cisco all the way down here at $55 [a share], and they just reported an unbelievable quarter. Why do we have go down to Ciena?”

Roblox: “It’s too low to sell … you’ve got to start making things and do stuff and make them money doing it, and return to shareholders. Now, the company does not do the latter two, and that’s why it will not go up very much.”

Hertz Global Holdings Inc.: “Smart money is dumb. They should be buying this thing. [Stephen] Scherr is the CEO. He used to be the Goldman CFO. He is dynamite and he’s going to come on the show. Now, he doesn’t know that, but he will.”

MP Materials Corp: “I think MP’s real. … They promised, they delivered, and it goes higher and I like them.”

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