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Give Your Babe a Babe Wine Kit

by News Times USA

Babe Wine

Here’s a fun gift to give your babe this month to inspire happiness at home while kicking back and playing board games or streaming the next new hit show. 

BABE Wines has put together a fun kit filled with their Rose’ wine, Asheville-based French Broad Chocolates, BABE socks, an aromatherapy candle and a sleep mask for $49.99.

“With Sunday’s Big Game being the day before Valentine’s Day this year, we anticipate a lot of freakouts as people realize they’ve completely forgotten about the holiday,” says BABE’s Senior Director, Beyond Beer, Joanie Fisher. “To alleviate worries, BABE has created last-minute kits packed with all of your at-home Valentine’s Day needs. Forgot a card? We’ve got you covered there too. Follow BABE on Twitter and BABE’s BOT will craft a customized message for your special someone. XOXO, BABE!”  

Babe Wine

Launched in 2016, BABE wine founders Josh Ostrovsky, and brothers David Oliver Cohen and Tanner Cohen, developed a unique brand-led wine that is inclusive and a portable product to consumers. Model Emily Ratajkowski helped BABE Wine become one of the most noticeable canned wines on the market in 2019. Friend to Ostrovsky, she became their first Chief Taste Officer, and her face and body in a white bikini holding a can of BABE wine was a brilliant marketing campaign.

BABE’s latest product, BABE 100 offers a canned wine with zero sugar, 100-calorie, gluten-free and 6.9% ABV. The OG BABE is available in three varieties: Rosé, Red and Grigo. Go online or click on wine locator to find BABE Wine near you.

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