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Our 10 Favorite Moments Of The Generation

by News Times USA

Great gameplay and stellar graphics always impress, but the best moments often stick with us most. Sometimes that is a surprising plot twist; other times, it’s a hilarious character exchange or a jaw-dropping action segment. Regardless of their form, these experiences can turn a fun game into a memorable one.   

That’s why we compiled a list of our 10 favorite in-game moments/sequences of the current generation. In order to include moments from PC-only titles, any game released after November 2020 is eligible. This feature will be an evolving list that we’ll update with new moments as they occur. Additionally, these entries are not ranked in any particular order

WARNING: To add context and give these moments their proper due, this feature contains SPOILERS. However, we’re keeping the titles of the entries as vague as possible, so if you see a game listed you don’t want to know anything about, skip past it. 

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