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Southern Copper should be higher

by News Times USA

Southern Copper: “I like copper too. It’s a great barometer of what’s happening in this country. We’re using more copper than ever. I think that stock should be higher not lower, I like the yield to it.”

Lumen Technologies: “That stock is just falling apart. But it’s one of these things, again, it’s like digital solutions for business at home. I mean, there’s just no reason to have so many of these companies.”

SentinelOne Inc: “SentinelOne is a very good cybersecurity company, but …Palo Alto [Networks] just put a great number, and it didn’t do anything much in the end, even though it did go up. So, how’s is this one going to go up? I say look elsewhere.”

Crestwood Equity: “I like [natural gas liquids], I like the yield, I like the group. I’m OK with it.”

Energy Transfer LP: “I like it. I wish [Chairman Kelcy Warren] would frankly allow someone younger come in, because he did some things in the environmental side that I’m not crazy about, but I do like [Energy Transfer].”

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