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The Big Braises I’m Eating All Winter Long

by News Times USA

In the office we have been playfully referring to this month’s magazine as the Pot Issue. Not pot as in cannabis! But rather a reference to the fact that so many of the belly-warming recipes in this issue come out of a big steaming pot. 

First we turn the spotlight on potlikker, that residual goodness left behind after you boil greens, vegetables, or beans. The inventive Southern-born chef, Carla Hall, shares how she uses one base to flavor two recipes each, for a total of three potlikkers and six recipes. There is little I like more than a two-for-one deal, so I can’t wait to try the Smoked Paprika and Sun-Dried Tomato Potlikker out of which both Braised Chicken Thighs With Olives and Herbs and Brothy Pasta With Miso-Butter Turnips can be created.

We also have an informative piece on hot pot, a method of communal DIY dining common in East and Southeast Asian cultures. Chef Eric Sze not only gives us the hows and whys but also recipes for both a vegan herbal mushroom broth and a rich beef one.

As you can imagine there is a lot of talk of cookbooks in our proverbial halls (a.k.a. Zoom calls), and occasionally it seems everyone is in love with the same book. This month the brilliantly titled I Dream of Dinner (So You Don’t Have To) by Ali Slagle is a house favorite. Recipes from that book—like this weeknight ready One-Pot Puttanesca and these quick-cooking smash burgers—have been lovingly adapted for our readers. We already know you’ll love them.

I Dream of Dinner (so You Don’t Have To)

And if the only thing you find inspiring about dinner is dessert, get lost in the sweet Technicolor dream world our test kitchen editors created. From our cover darling, the Chocolate Matcha Butter Mochi Cake, to zingy Passion Fruit Bars, these bold and beautiful baked recipes are ready to do battle with the it’s-still-winter blues.

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