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The Different Ways to Style Your Mon Jeans

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Mon jeans

Mon jeans have made a firm comeback to the American wardrobe with a bang for good reasons. Take your cool as I take you through the fashion menu, and you will realize why you must style up your wardrobe with the newest model wear in the house. Newest Model wear? Yes indeed! Mon Jeans have been a thing of the past until recently when they hit the market again to fill the gap created by the dissatisfaction with the rigid, tight jeans.

Why are Mon jeans making a comeback?

The latest tight jeans have ruled the fashion arena for some time now, but then the loose Mon jeans finding their way back is something inevitable. As a mother, you may need to cut loose from the tight feeling of rigidly hugging jeans and still look gorgeous. Yes, you can. But why are Mon jeans trending?

It is doubtless that we love our skinny jeans. But we also often lose/add weight, and finding jeans for your body type can be a real struggle. No wonder the magic wear is quickly finding its way back to our wardrobes because it can flatter many figures. It will look stylish on apple body shapes, as it does on pear or rectangle body shapes. A big win for Mon jeans!

What is more, the Mon Jeans’ high waist helps add curves to both pear-shaped and rectangular body shapes. That is uncommon with tight jeans. 

How to Style Mon jeans

Do you want to look intricate and distinct? You are in the right place. I have had the privilege to sample various jeans styles from a collection of vendors, and I want to assure you that there is nothing like the Mon jeans from the wholesale Clothing Vendors

Blue Striped Colorblock V Neck Knitted Sweater

The Blue Striped Colorblock V Neck Knitted Sweater hangs loosely from the neckline, exposing a bit of your cleavage to blend with the Mon jeans so perfectly! Your silhouette will shout out for all to see. The perfect blend lets you run your hands as free as possible, the stunning attire for outdoor activity of any kind.

Gray Beach Bonfire Knitted Hoodie 

The Gray Beach Bonfire Knitted Hoodie is another stunning blend for the Mon jeans fashion style. Falling freely on the upper body, it is a perfect breather, allowing your body to rejuvenate itself with fragrance. It provides the freedom that mothers want while doing the perfect curvature line-cut to define your stunning looks. Gray Beach Bonfire Knitted Hoodie is a great work piece from the women’s Wholesale Clothing.

Knitted Hoodie 

Mixed Leopard Ruffle Sleeve Waffle Knit Top 

If you want to feel air breathe through in the cool of the evening and let your fragrance undulate the surrounding, then Mixed Leopard Ruffle Sleeve Waffle Knit Top is your perfect choice. It is designed in style and blends well with Mon jeans. When doing the sampling, I noted that Mixed Leopard Ruffle Sleeve Waffle Knit Top had a unique touch that made the jeans look damning sexy! I wouldn’t mind it being on my baby girl; it is a dazzling blend for the Mon jeans!

Sleeve Waffle Knit Top

Multicolor Colorblock V Neck Short Sleeve Top 

Finally, here comes the amazing Multicolor Colorblock V Neck Short Sleeve Top, creating a stunning figure that drives your neighbours nuts! You wouldn’t want to have them looking back over their shoulders to catch that gorgeous appeal, would you? Carefully tacked in at the waistline, the final look is just amazing and turns you into a teen! It is not expensive either. 

Short Sleeve Top

The Mon jeans seem to be gaining momentum, and there is no telling what you will do if you don’t style up in time. Go for the new-look blend of Mon jeans now before the prices begin to hike! Make your orders now from Women’s Wholesale clothing or Wholesale clothing vendors when stocks last. 

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