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Veritas announces new cloud scale technology, cybersecurity features in recent NetBackup release

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The release of NetBackup 10 is working towards automating several processes for its users to help with safety and scale.

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Veritas Technologies announced this morning that the latest launch of its NetBackup 10 powered by Cloud Scale Technology will provide the foundation for Autonomous Data Management and multi-cloud data protection at scale. The data management company said in a release that its recent NetBackup release will assist modern data architecture for “on-premises resources, hosted services and Software-as-a-Service applications from multiple public cloud providers.”

“Enterprises are accelerating their cloud transformation to deliver new business outcomes where they need a broad and modern platform to cost effectively provide data protection and ransomware resiliency in multi-cloud environments,” said Deepak Mohan, executive vice president of products at Veritas. “NetBackup solves this problem today, and NetBackup 10 powered by Cloud Scale Technology is the first step in delivering industry-leading Autonomous Data Management, on-premises and in the cloud. This new technology will continuously self-provision, self-optimize and self-heal data management services.”

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Cloud scale technology

As multicloud setups continue to grow more popular with enterprises, Veritas hopes that the NetBackup update will allow these businesses to tackle the challenges associated with multicloud data management, along with the unexpected costs, operational complexity and increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. The cloud scale technology associated with this new technology is said to be “using leading-edge web-scale IT technologies and techniques to provide greater cloud agility and efficiency while enabling elastic, auto-scaling data management,” per the press release.

Furthermore, this cloud-scale breakthrough powering NetBackup is attempting to increase security in data management through this technology by creating the foundation for this strategy and delivering a containerized, programmable and AI-powered microservices architecture, which provides autonomous, unified data management services across any cloud.

“Accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption is delivering benefits to businesses around the world,” said Greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas.“However, a joint advisory from the U.S., U.K. and Australian security services, released this month, highlighted that hackers are increasing the impact of their ransomware attacks by targeting cloud services and data. Veritas is laying out its strategy for how we solve that challenge for our customers, starting with tools, available today, that will help to reduce cloud footprint and costs, keep data safe from ransomware and pave the way to Autonomous Data Management.”

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NetBackup 10

The benefits of Cloud Scale Technology are first realized through the launch of NetBackup 10, which leverages the technology to deliver a lowered total cost of ownership (TCO), increased efficiency and improved security in multi-cloud environments.

NetBackup 10 is lowering the TCO through enhanced features in multi-cloud environments by allowing for tiering capabilities and includes support for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to help enterprises reduce the cost of backup storage. The new release has an additional feature to help reduce costs, through its deduplication service to minimize the cloud footprint. This elastic multi-cloud service allows businesses to receive the scale of computing services they need, when it is required.

From a cybersecurity perspective, the NetBackup release can reduce the chances for ransomware within a system by running automatic malware scans to find potential vulnerabilities within enterprise systems, as well as the ability to scan a file during the backup process and before an earlier version of the file is restored. Making sure that potentially malicious files are removed before it is restored can help admins block new and existing malware that was not readily apparent. Also offered in the 10 release is a new Software-as-a-service (SaaS) protection, allowing for the glimpse of a customer’s entire data protection estate for governance and compliance purposes through a single-pane-of-glass view.

This increase in efficiency through the automation of cybersecurity and TCO will provide businesses with a free, fully integrated base version of NetBackup IT Analytics to give enterprises AI-driven analytics and reporting capabilities, helping mitigate risk and simplify data protection services.

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